Domain V: Promoting the Use of Assessments and Data for School and District Improvement

As an IB World School, department and grade level teams regularly meet to standardize assessment practices and evaluate data to improve teaching and learning. Standardization is important, as we need to ensure that all students are being held to the same consistent standards. Mixed messages regarding assessment can be demotivating to students, especially when their Diploma depends on their scores. 

Artifact 1: Individual Oral Commentary Standardization
As the Grade 11 Language and Literature team lead, I recently facilitated our standardization of individual oral commentaries. We started by focusing on our norms of collaboration, as I knew standardization is an opportunity for emotional conflict. What if a teacher disagrees? What if one teacher’s students perform poorly? During the process, we made summaries after each sample linked to criteria to ensure clear reasoning for both teachers and students. Furthermore, I ended the session by focusing the team on next steps for teaching and learning based on the data we observed. 

Artifact 2: