Domain IV: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning

I love teaching because I’m always learning. Every day, educational research reveals more to us about best practice. Technology paves the way for new and interesting instructional opportunities. The dynamic people-centered environment of a school further enlightens me on the complexity of people working together in a system. One of the most exciting aspects of leadership to me is to create environments and opportunities for all educators to be their very best. 

Artifact 1: Lesson Observations
One of my assignments for EDLEAD 6284 required me to observe a colleague using the ORID protocol and write a reflection on the data. My observee was a good sport and, when I finished my reflection, we spent some time using the ORID protocol to debrief the lesson. In the end, he reflected that he needed to provide more clear structure to the lesson and ensure that each lesson begins and ends with the lesson objective clearly stated. Since that time, we’ve set a goal to observe each other once a month (though with a shorter, less exhausting format)

Artifact 2: Twitter Account
While lately I haven’t been as active, my Twitter account has been one of the most useful and enriching opportunities for networking and professional development. I’ve used it to ask for help with unit planning, participate in Twitter chats, and share my classroom experiences with others. Thanks to the internet, teachers and leaders are no longer limited by time and distance. On Twitter, everything is a Tweet away!